We have designed Hey Bartender App with hundreds of the most popular drinks ordered at a bar and made them available at your fingertips. By doing this we feel its a great tool for you to use when you are in a packed bar or club and you’re desperately trying to get the bartender’s attention. All you have to do is find and click on the drink you want and let your phone do the talking for you. Of course there will be times you may need to make a hand gesture or use your mouth to help the bartender know exactly what you want, but Hey Bartender App will make your life easier.

The goal of Hey Bartender App is to make communication between the bartender and the customer easier so business can move faster and you can get back to having a great time with your friends.

★ Perfect for individuals with a hearing impairment or individuals with a language barrier.

We came up with 300+ drinks that we thought most people order. There will be more drinks added based on user suggestions. Our goal is to not have a dictionary of drinks to go through but to have something quick to help you get a drink fast!
Our mission was to create a simple, quick, and easy interface to maximize your time of having fun. Big buttons along with clear pictures makes it easy to find what you’re looking for in a maximum 3 screens. Simplicity is what Hey Bartender App is all about.
★ Future Plans
In order for us to make sure our updates are things you want, we need your help. Feedback is the key to making our product a useful tool for all of us (Drinks,ect…). Contact us on our website and through our social media pages. Enjoy!

(Creators of Hey Bartender App)