App-Store Development in Progress! Stay tuned!


The IOS version of Hey Bartender App is in the development process. It has taken a little longer than expected but will soon be available to iPhone users. There has been a recent discovery of a current app on the App-Store called “Hey Bartender”. That is not us! We will inform you when Hey Bartender App is available on the App-Store! Thanks for all the support and suggestions!

~ Hey Bartender App

Hey Bartender App Lite

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IOS Development in Progress!



I’ve finally started the development for the IOS platform. There has been tons of requests for the app to be available on the IPhone so I’m doing my best to get a version out as soon as possible. I’m expecting the first version for IPhones will be available in mid December. Stay tuned for any updates and please feel free to send in more suggestions. The feedback has been great and I will definitely add some new features and drinks to the menu. Thank you for all the support! It really means a lot!


Special Promotion!!!

Starting on Monday 9/12/16 you will be able to get Hey Bartender App for free by emailing us for a promo code. The first 50 people are guaranteed a code! Email us now so you can start getting noticed before most of the people in the bar!